Lexington - 3D city model

  • Coordinate reference system: NAD83(NSRS2007) / Kentucky North (EPSG:3544)
  • Scene size: up to 80 x 80 km
  • Units: Meters
  • Scale: 1: 1
  • Data used:  June 2022


  • Flexible pricing (select only the options you need)
  • Get free sample model
  • Customization requests
    • Any scene size (custom area crop)
    • Any coordinate reference system
    • Various levels of detail (LODs)
    • Update to the latest data


  • This product may include scenes of various sizes and formats
  • File formats (click to download free sample)

BASIC OPTIONS (included with the purchase)

    • 24/7 customer support
    • 100% buildings coverage, detailed landmarks, regular updates and improvements
    • High-resolution surface texture (1 meter resolution satellite image)
    • Buildings, land-use areas, roads and railways split by type  (layers / named objects)
    • The surface is flat, easy to add details and edit geometry (terrain on request)
    • Realistic low-poly trees and forests (max, fbx included, other formats on request)
    • The product is ready to render out-of-the-box (3ds Max + Corona Renderer)
    • 4K high-resolution realistic renderings (refer to images for the level of detail)
    • Rendered in 3ds Max (other software requires its own rendering settings)
    • Trees, vegetation, land-use and airport surface with the textures assigned
    • Buildings are UVW mapped, split by material IDs, no textures are assigned

CUSTOM OPTIONS (please request before buying)

    • Up to 1-meter accuracy raw terrain object
    • Multiple LODs optimized for the best polycount/details balance
    • Contour lines (up to 1-meter interval)
    • High-resolution (up to 20cm accuracy) satellite or surface texture
    • Buildings and roads placed on the optimized terrain
    • On-demand custom update
    • Crop to custom area size or slice to tiles
    • Procedural textures assigned to all buildings
    • Individual buildings and streets (with address and/or name)
    • Administrative boundaries of all levels (named polygons or outlines)
    • Road and railway splines for traffic animation
    • Public transport stops with names

Standard Use License
License: Standard License
Stock Assets

For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

Installable Tools

One installation by a single user.

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Files (16)
Lexington 25x25km.skp
rar /
130 MB
Lexington 25x25km.rvt
rar /
250 MB
Lexington 25x25km.xref
rar /
21 MB
Lexington 25x25km.render.max
rar /
69 MB
Lexington 25x25km.unitypackage
rar /
110 MB
Lexington 25x25km.mb
rar /
74 MB
Lexington 25x25km.max
rar /
38 MB
Lexington 25x25km.fbx
rar /
84 MB
Lexington 25x25km.dxf
rar /
140 MB
Lexington 25x25km.dwg
rar /
94 MB
Lexington 25x25km.dae
rar /
110 MB
Lexington 25x25km.c4d
rar /
39 MB
Lexington 25x25km.blend
rar /
49 MB
Lexington 25x25km.3dm
rar /
140 MB
Lexington 25x25km.obj
rar /
66 MB
rar /
110 MB